Just The Beginning, More Losses And Social Unrest, Great Depression 2.0 On The Way

Sad but true, the worst is yet to come. We’ve yet to even scratch the surface of the financial & social losses that are to come. It’s been over two years since I started sounding the alarm via e-mails and this blog, and not because I’m some sort of psychic, but rather because the writing has been all over the walls. It just took some reading. The threat of a recession was real then, and now that it is finally here (and for over a year now), the threat of a “Great Depression 2.0” is even more real.

There have been others that have been warning us all for much longer and I thank them for having alerted me as well. Among them were; Peter Schiff from Euro Pacific Capital and David Walker, former United States Comptroller General. Both of which continue to try to wake up the American public to the reality that is unfolding in front of us.

Nonetheless, there are still idiots and/or optimists that are saying that this recession will be all be over and done with come Q3 2009. Don’t believe it for a second. This recession we’re in is serious stuff. This is not your grandparent’s recession. This is the culmination of over 70 years of the collective mind forgetting every last piece of common sense in how to run global, government, corporate and personal finance. This time it will be much worse and it will be a depression.

Go ahead, call me what some people called me two years ago… a nut job, a Chicken Little, a pessimist, or a party pooper, but the worst IS yet to COME. Think LA Riots, think post-Katrina looting, think unemployed, homeless, hungry and angry inner city residents turning over and burning cars in protest of the sad state of affairs.

Rioters during the 1992 LA Riots turn over a police vehicle

Rioters during the 1992 LA Riots turn over a police vehicle

Once that begins to happen, our government will need to, regardless of what they might otherwise state publicly, detain thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people in camps. All in trying to maintain law & order.

This will be only part of the social consequences from our financial collapse and the economic decisions that have led to our over consumption, under production, outsourcing, deforestation, pollution, environmental, political and societal damage.

However, we will first have to experience further losses of jobs, homes, companies, banks, local governments, retirement accounts, life savings, followed by further bail outs, followed by a deflation/inflation roller coaster ride, and finally the total collapse of the dollar (potentially being replaced by the “Amero“). I think by then a large number of people will just lose it and crack under pressure. Then we’ll have a series of people going postal, rioting, looting and all out mayhem and disorder in the streets. Certainly some places more so than others (think NYC compared to Utah).

Add to that the increasing number of natural weather disasters that we are experiencing brought on by global warming (or just the natural cycle of things – if you don’t buy the whole global warming bit) and you’ll have even die-hard atheists converting to one of the many religions that promises eternal salvation before or after suffering through apocalyptic times.

Stay safe and have a plan of action!


5 Responses to Just The Beginning, More Losses And Social Unrest, Great Depression 2.0 On The Way

  1. Shoplifting is on the rise. Feels like gang violence is on the rise around here (Southern California).

  2. Mark Homestead says:

    Honestly, this is too damn much. I agree we are in for some very hard times, but you do not offer nearly enough evidence to support such severe claims. The US as a world super power may be finished, but the US as a nation of people from all walks of life that are willing to work towards something better… that isn’t going anywhere. Aside from this, you in the US have two great items to see you through this: A printing press and a lot of paper. Don’t under estimate the power of the Fed. This isn’t pretty, but there will be no coast to coast riots, no hardcore looting, no lawless states. Sorry. I know it would be great to see, but it’s not happening.

  3. Walker says:

    Thank you, Mark Homestead! I feel pretty much the same way about America’s future. There is plenty of investment money out there right now but many investors want to be very sure that they won’t lose more capital. The proof of this is in treasury yields and bank certicates of deposit holdings notwithstanding plain old cash reserves in money market and savings accounts.

    Once the stimulus package is approved and implemented then there will be enough mud on the wall to grease the engine and that will probably take six to eight months before America will see noticeable improvements in the overall economy of our great nation. This is not to say that everything will be hunky-dory but we will see a better climate by the time our kids go back to school. I am certain.

    Walker Richardson

  4. Walker says:

    I was wondering if our Chicken Smith and the author of The Greater Depression, Warren Brussee, know each other?

  5. Agree on commercial real estate. I mentioned it on my weekly market forecast tonight as well. Looking for IYR to break $25 – http://chartsandcoffee.blogspot.com/2009/02/sunday-night-coffee-22209.html

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