As varying global factors of rather large implications continue to proceed on negative courses, their eventual collision will spell out some serious economic consequences. Both in the states and abroad. Get your solar panels ready and find your bullion, the second great depression is around the corner.

This site is for educational purposes and is meant to inform and provide a contrary view to what the general media, government and general consensus would have you believe. Please provide any and all feedback via comments. Thanks for visiting!

-C. Smith

Who’s Chicken Smith?

Part Chicken Little and part Adam Smith, Chicken Smith is a student of life and economics. The sky isn’t falling… yet.


12 Responses to About

  1. Kevin says:

    nice site. I have to agree the second depression is almost here.

  2. James says:

    It is problematic to own your own house and be subject to the escalating insurance costs and declining coverage and increased deductible available. The first big storm you might weather but not the second. Sooner or later we are going to have to get our collective act together if any of us are going to survive at all. I personally believe in a new constitutional convention where I would argue for a different form of regionally based and service centered government structure.

  3. Frank C. says:

    Thanks for your insights. Your observations are right on track with Warren Brussee’s, Bill Fleckenstein’s, and other intelligent analysts whose warnings continue to be ignored by the masses…

  4. Los Angeles Mafia says:

    I totally agree on this depression 2.0 economic theory, i’m trying to convert my friends without success.

  5. Karney Hatch says:

    Thought you’d be interested in my documentary; here’s the trailer:

  6. nick timpa says:

    Are you bear smith??….nick bearnic

  7. Joe C says:

    Chicken, I saw your posting in meetup.com for interest in an Economics group. I am in Westboro and wondering if you are still interested? Perhaps we could trade some ideas about a group format and try and launch a meeting together.

    I read through your website and am pretty confident that we share mutual views on what is going on out there.

    If interested let me know what you think an Economics group would look like in terms of content, structure and meetings. I am hoping to get together with other locals that share my concerns. Specifically I would like to hear how they are investing, what they are not investing in and share information about what is happening in the economy that might not be presented on the news. Group meetings could center around 1-2 topics per meetup and I was thinking Framingham might make a good location as of the other 8 people that state interest they are located in or just outside of Boston proper.

    Look forward to hearing back from you, Joe

  8. Alex Watson says:

    I am working on a history fair project and would like to use the picture of the bread line from the Great Depression that is on your site. Am I allowed to use this in my educational project

    thank you,

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  10. Are you coming back?

    Miss your posts.

  11. tanyakschenck says:

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